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Would you like to extend your dive time to more than one hour? Would you like to come really close to the Eagle Ray, Squid, Angel Fish or Turtle or any other sea creature that usually is scared away by your bubbles, long before you came closer to it?

Then join us on this special event to dive with a re-breather.

Goby Divers Curaçao organizes a Discover Re-breather Diving weekend on June 10 and 11.

Topics covered in this event:

– Re-breathers. What are they, how do they work

– Advantages (a lot) and dis-advantages (a lot less)

– A few new drills and skills

– An unforgettable dive experience

Requirements to participate

– Certification level: Open Water Diver

– Minimum age: 18 years

– Fit to dive

Event Schedule

– Starts at 08:00, 10:30, 13:30 and 16:00, max. 2 persons

– Theoretical session to understand the basics of a re-breather

– Getting ready – adjust equipment to your personal needs, pre-dive checks

– Drills and skills while in confined water

– Go for the dive – 1 hour

– Debriefing

– Total time involved approx. 2 hours

Price: US$ 140.00

Limited spaces available, e-mail Info@Goby-Divers.com or call 662 2853 / 562 3984 to make your appointment